Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) as a Service

A clean, clear, true executive view

ValueOpt is an Enterprise Performance Management platform that gives executives, Boards and investors a clean, clear look into the true value and operational results of a company, right down to the business unit level.  Finally, organizations have an unbiased FP&A Platform to support budgeting, forecasting, and analysis that supports major decisions. Our incredibly accurate models and analytics remove all distortions so you can identify problem and opportunity areas in seconds.

Don’t guess… know where capital and innovation will yield the greatest shareholder value.

We all need better, more relevant financial and operational data to make better decisions, because…


95% of information in today's corporate financial reports is old or irrelevant*

*The End of Accounting, Baruch Lev, NYU – Stern School of Business


Approx. 70% of the avg. company's value cannot be explained by traditional GAAP-based statements

Who We Serve

PE & VCs

Streamline the deal selection process and make faster, better, more autonomous picks. more


Public Enterprises

Execs and Boards make effective capital investments by leveraging our artificial intelligence, scenarios and strategy lattices.  more

Activist/Direct Investors

Original research, valuation and selection of targets for investors seeking multiple options. more

Industry/Sector Specific

Our benchmarking / ranking of companies within industries / sectors assists insurance providers, rating agencies and others. more

What People Are Saying About IVO

“The depth and quality of IVO’s insights enable us to have very different conversations with our clients about their future value, operations and strategy.”

Ken Haffey

Partner & Adjunct Professor of Accounting (Case Western Reserve University), Skoda Minotti

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